The Guidelines are a set of 16 statements. These statements outline a basis for the development of activities that are likely to enhance University Project Management.

Welcome to Guidelines for leading and managing university projects in learning and teaching

In 2007, the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) commissioned The Learning Partnership to facilitate a workshop on Leading and Managing Projects for managers of projects funded by ALTC. Since then a number of workshops have been run as part of a strategy to assist project holders in planning, implementing, evaluating and reporting on their project, and for disseminating its outcomes.The ALTC was closed in 2011. In 2012, the Office of Learning and Teaching was established to take continue a number of ALTC functions including a grant program. The OLT continued the funding of  project management workshops in 2012. Link

As a support for these workshops, we have developed a set of Guidelines that we believe cover key areas managers need to focus on in order to optimise project success. The Guidelines are not only based on workshop materials but also on the broad range of professional leadership and management experiences of members of the Partnership.
This web site introducing the Guidelines has been developed as a resource for project managers of learning and teaching projects in universities. We want this website to be a resource which improves and expands over time. Therefore we welcome your input. What can be improved? What would you like added? Is there useful material you know of which we can include or link to? Click on the downloadable form to send us feedback and contribute material you believe will be interesting to others. Please send this to

The Learning Partnership International: Adrian Lee, Patrick Boyle, Lesley Symons, Chris Sykes and Mark Griffiths

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