Guideline Sixteen | Students

16. Ensure that project outcomes ultimately serve to enhance the student learning experience.

This web site has been developed for project leaders of projects in learning and teaching in universities. The placing of the word learning before teaching is deliberate and important. The first time this was done in Australian government discussions on higher education was in a document entitled "Striving for quality: learning, teaching and scholarship"  Link . It was no accident that the word "learning" was placed before "teaching". A major section in the paper was headed "shift from a focus on teaching to learning” Two very relevant quotes were:

"The most effective teaching is that which facilitates students to be actively engaged in learning, but it would appear that this is not consistently demonstrated in teaching practice" 
"In this regard there has been a greater acceptance of student-centred learning. The most effective teaching is recognised as that which facilitates students to be actively engaged in learning."

Although Project Leaders and Managers may not have a formal background in learning and teaching, our hypothesis is that they should be aware of current ideas on how students learn and appreciate that the major teaching role of all academics, from lecturer to professor, is to create experiences and an environment most likely to facilitate effective student learning.

To help you in this one of us (AL) has created a website based on one he and others first developed at UNSW.

The simple premise behind this site is that:

1. As academics our task is to help students learn

2. There is a vast research literature on how students learn and examples of good teaching based on this research.

3. As we claim to be research intensive institutions our teaching should be based on this research?

This research literature has been distilled into 16 "Guidelines on Learning that Inform Teaching" and these are shown on the site with many resources, just as this site does for leading and managing projects.

A summary of the Guidelines is downloadable below and the url to the site is  which you can link to directly.

We suggest that as you become familiar with the project goals and intended outcomes you have a look at the Guidelines and reflect on whether the project will indeed ultimately enhance the student learning experience in a way that is consistent with the Guidelines.

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